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Holy mother… what a year. WHAT A YEAR!!

While creating my annual “collecting the gifts” video, I realized, that all this happened in the last 365 days. And yes, YES, tears got spilled. Tears of gratitude, tears of happiness and tears of humility towards Life itself – and yes, towards my own greatness.

The video gives you an idea of what happened.

But today I am more interested in what you do:

How do you celebrate your year?
What do you do to unwrap all the gifts, Life has brought to you this year – and how can you fully enjoy them?

Are you going through your diaries? Do you meditate? Are you spending some silent time with your year to acknowledge what has nourished you, what still requires some forgiveness, where unfinished things rob your precious energy?
In my opinion, it’s super-important to get clarity where I am standing at the end of the year.

You can do this at any time – but the current time quality (here in Europe) is a huge invitation, to really take the time NOW. In winter, when nature is withdrawing and the veils between the worlds become thinner (at least this is how I experience it), it is great to use this energy for your inner vision quest.

For me is now also the time of setting intensions:

What vision do you carry in your heart and how can you manifest it step by step into this world?
How can you do more, what nourishes you and release stuff, that weakens you?
What can you do yourself? Where do you need support? And what does it cost you, not to ask for this support? What will it take that at the end of 2017 you will be sitting in awe, tears running down your face, your chest filled up to the brim with gratitude? – To know that you truly made this year your year of the Shero or Hero?

Soon I will tell you about my “SHEROES – Women of Freedom” transformation program, which I will start for the very first time in May 2017. If you are interested, please give me a sign and I will send you all details.
Let me know how you are wrapping up your year. What does truly nourish you and what brings you into your power. I’m happy to read your experiences in the comment section below.

For now, I wish you a blessed holiday season with many moments of quiet or loud happiness. No matter where and how you spend this festivities –  in the end, happiness can solely be found in yourself.

And if you’re not yet a member of the free SoulfreedomTribe you can easily change this by subscribing in the form at the bottom of this page and let some inspiration directly fly into your mailbox. Oh – and you also get the one and only SheroMeditation AND the SheroSheet for free. (Shhhhh  – it’s really good. At least this is what I hear all the time (and I think this too;) )

Share the Love!

Be the Love!

[sacramento]Priska xxx[/sacramento]

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