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You have no idea how long I have been procrastinating writing blog posts in English. Well, this even was a reason, why I was seriously afraid of translating my website after all.

But I did it  – or well, am doing it… and it feels like – GREAT!

My English will never be flawless and always stay my very personal Pringlish – but it is the language of my hearts home. It’s the language I share with my Love. It’s the language of all the actors in all these movies I adored as a child… and a teenager… and a grown-up.

So I will  – now and then – also give some written insights of what I do and of what is happening in my life.

I have been vlogging in English for quite a while and the videos I share with Bas in LoveRelationShit are all in English.

So feel free to get a picture of my work on Youtube.

Today is a great day. Not only is my website slowly turning into a bilingual oasis – today also my crowdfunding project found its way out the haven. Aaahhh… so exciting…

FIND HERE the direct link to my baby.  I cannot tell you, how incredibly proud I am to have all these beautiful women in my video…


If you wanna support this project, I would be forever grateful. Please share it with all your family and friends and give it a shout out on facebook – or any kinda social media.

That’s it for today. Because – I’m more or less speechless. And this doesn’t happen too often.

I’m grateful. So grateful… and I cannot wait to receive all the beautiful gifts and miracles, Life has in store for me.


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Share the Love!

Be the Love!

[sacramento]Priska xxx[/sacramento]

Become the Shero that you already are!

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