Easter Thoughts. Choose your Master!

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Good Friday

Most of the people who know me closer, know, that this day is a very special day to me.

A day that reminds me of the original pain. And at the same time, it’s a remembrance of the Truth. Everlasting Love.

No, I don’t read the bible nor would I ever describe me as a Christian as I cannot identify myself with the common associations of this religion.

The man, who is today known under the name Jesus, nevertheless is very close to my heart.
As a role model. A teacher. An inspirator. A human being, who remembered his true nature and who spread the Truth into the world by just being aware and himself.

And on Good Friday it might look like the dark triumphed over the light. Apparently. And this totally doesn’t represent our common belief of the heroes journey, where the Good always has to win over the bad.
– An event, which obviously shows, that the sharing of your own Truth will be punished with an excruciating death.

But this story doesn’t end at the cross – nor will it ever end at the cross.

EasterTime is the time of duality.

The time, in which the light seems to shine even brighter in contrast of the deep dark shadows.

Every one of us is free to choose where he or she wants to stand. On the side of fear. Or Love.
And each and every one of us gets to realize, that we cannot banish darkness with ignorance or condemnation. It is part of this world we’re living in. It’s part of being human.

The shadow is, what makes the light visible and allows us to draw our sword of Truth and to make the wise decisions.

Jesus conquered death {fear/pain}. As we all conquer it when we are ready to stand in the fire of life and to face the pain, the fear, and our shadows.

Truth is, we are nothing but Love. And with the harsh opposition of the shadow, we get able to recognize our real nature: with the support of self-compassion and the backing of the courage to look into our own darkness. To endure. To surrender. Accept.

Kathleen McGowan writes in her book, “The Expected One“:

“It was as if Easa read the thoughts of Pontius Pilate.  He replied in a whisper, “I cannot make this easier for you.  Our destinies were chosen for us, but you must choose your own master.”


And? Which master do you choose?

Fear or trust? Love?

Amor Vincit Omnia. Semper.


I’m wishing you a blessed Easter season.

To the light!

[sacramento]Priska xxx[/sacramento]

Priska Baumann Jerusalem

More pictures from my journey to Jerusalem in 2012 can be found HERE






The Magic of Manifestation through Contrast

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“Go, go, go, go, GO!!!”, “This needs to be done by tomorrow!”, “Sorry, I don’t have time for fun time- I am SO busy!”

Is this you?

Are you sometimes feeling like one buzzing busy human, running from one place to the other, crossing off stuff on your to-do list and never getting to an end?

Let me tell you something – being a self-taught entrepreneur and running a business on your own, can be a handful – or two. Especially as it is not just your “work” but also closely bound to your mission and soul’s calling here on earth. You want to deliver all of you.

I’m all about giving and serving and therefore I put my all into creating “the SheroExperiment” I launched three weeks ago. I shared SO MUCH valuable content, that some women were literally able to change their life, just by fully participating.

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And yes – this all was totally for FREE!

{If you want to join the free Facebook group with all the videos from the experiment AND the most epic community of Sheroes – YOU’RE INVITED}!

Shortly before I started working on the experiment, my partner was diagnosed with a burnout.

Of course, I wanted to support him, wherever I could in order to heal and to get space. And guess what – I started doing even more.

The Experiment was followed by the launch of the “SHEROES – Women Of Freedom Program” – and I was simultaneously translating the salespage to German, still dealing with my own new situations of not having a real home since my move to the Netherlands a year ago – and trying to keep as much stuff from my partners plate as possible.

And then – in the middle of the launch – I realized: WAIT A MINUTE!


I paused. I took a breath and I realized, how much I got caught up in a reality, that I thought I left behind me quite some time ago.

My partner has a burnout. Holy Jesus Mary M… And what am I doing? Running even faster? Seriously? Me, that already scratched a burnout herself, a few years ago?

And in this moment I decided to let “busy” drop like a hot potato; to let things unfold naturally – and I surrendered to the higher plan.

Guess what – all the participants I already had in the program – withdrew. And instead of freaking out, I could totally stay in my place of peace and Freedom and BE GRATEFUL.

Yes, I am totally fine with this launch ending up with zero clients.

Life has proven to me over and over and OVER again, that I don’t need to worry and that everything always happens FOR me.
I feel as free as never before. Because I KNOW, that everything always works out for my best – and life now gifted me TIME. Time, I needed after two very successfully finished programs with 16 Sheroes, that had breakthroughs in abundance and everything else, that happened and happens in my life.

And it shows me once more, WHY I want to work with as many women as possible – because I want to teach them ease and Freedom.

I want to teach, how to create realities.

How to live a life, that is not determined by how much you do, or achieve; how many people that pat you on the shoulder and tell you how awesome you are or how much money that will come in {oh and it will come – believe me!}.

I teach, how you can life a free and happy life – NO MATTER WHAT!

A life, where you feel supported and being taken care of.

This is my reality, I created for myself and that worked out over and over and over again. And this is the reality I want for you!


And now I am challenging you, to look at your reality.

Where are you in? What are you doing? How are you feeling? And are you ready to change your reality?

I can’t wait to hear from you!